HOW TO GIVE THE INJECTION Mircera (instructions)

MIRCERA pre-filled syringe Instructions For Use

The following instructions explain how to use the MIRCERA pre-filled syringe to give yourself an injection.

It is important to read and follow these instructions carefully so that you are able to use the pre-filled syringe correctly and safely.

Do not attempt to administer an injection until you are sure that you understand how to use the pre-filled syringe.


• Only use MIRCERA pre-filled syringeif you have been prescribed with this medication.

• Read the packaging and ensure you have the dose prescribed by your healthcare professional.

• Do not use the pre-filled syringe if syringe, or the plastic tray containing the syringe appears to be damaged.

• Do not use the syringe if the contents are cloudy, hazy or contain particles.

• Never attempt to take the syringe apart.

• Never pull on or handle the syringe by its plunger.

• Do not remove the needle shield until you are ready to perform an injection.

• Do not swallow the medicine in the syringe.

• Do not inject through clothing.

• Never re-use a syringe.

• Do not touch the release clips (see diagram below) as this may damage the syringe and make it unusable.


Keep the syringe and the puncture-resistant/ sharps container out of the reach of children.

Store the syringe in its original box until ready to use.

Always store the syringe in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2 - 8°C (35.6 - 46.4°F).

Do not allow the medicine to freeze, and protect the medicine from light. Keep the syringe dry.

MATERIALS Included in the pack:

A pre-filled syringe of MIRCERA and a separate injection needle

Not included in the pack:


Step 1: Allow the syringe to adjust to room temperature

Step 2: Clean your hands

Step 3: Unpack and visually inspect the pre-filled syringe