About Phenazepam

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Phenazepam (active substance- bromodihydrochlorophenylbenzodiazepine) is a drug of the benzodiazepines group, which has tranquilizer (anxiolytic), anticonvulsant, hypnotic, muscle relaxant and sedative effects.

Phenazepam is one of the strongest tranquilizers (anxiolytic) with the ability to alleviate anxiety, fear and a depressive episode.

When exposed to Phenazepam, the activity of the impulses of the nervous system increases, the symptoms of mental and neurological disorders are stimulated, the excitability of the brain's subcortical processes is reduced, and the reflex processes in the spinal cord are inhibited.

Tranquilizer Phenazepam is a development of Soviet scientists, the first practical experience of its use was in the 1970s.

Researches of the Moscow Scientific Research Institute showed that taking the Phenazepam for three or five days allows you to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, autonomic disorders and sleep disorders, fixing the effect for about a month. For example, in the treatment of patients suffering from depression, a spectrum of greater efficacy of Phenazepam was identified. It turned out that the Phenazepam helps with anxiety-depressive states (in about half of the cases, the symptoms disappeared completely, while a third of patients experienced a significant improvement in the condition), affective-delusional attacks, as well as depersonalization syndrome. At the same time, no serious side effects were found, which confirms the reputation of Phenazepam as an extremely safe drug among tranquilizers.


As a means of treating neurotic conditions (with a predominance of anxiety and fear), such as neuroses, schizophrenia, and psychosomatic diseases, Phenazepam has proven to be most effective. Patients demonstrate a sharp decrease in emotional tension, fear, anxiety, and panic attacks. At the same time, normal sleep returned, irritability and aggressiveness decreased. Further drug consumption - only makes you feel better.

In abstinent conditions, the drug acted already in the first hours, removing mood disorders, tension, anxiety, and fear. Accompanying this hypnotic effect allowed the patient to sleep normally, without suffering from nightmares.

The effect of taking this tranquilizer comes in a very short time: positive changes can be felt already in the first days or even hours. And the maximum reduction of symptoms occurs at about 10 days of treatment.

Thus, Phenazepam is ideal for quickly and effectively dealing with powerful emotional experiences, strong feelings of fear, anxiety, accompanied by sleep disorders, as well as many obsessive states.

Phenazepam remains an essential and very effective tranquilizer (anxiolytic), which has weak side effects.


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