Price increase for Jintropin.

December 22, the founder of Europharm Vadim Godlevsky committed suicide. The distributor of Jintropin in the post-Soviet space is going through hard times.

Jintropin has already disappeared in most pharmacies in Moscow and in those who reported the expected increase in prices.
We kept the old price as long as we could, hoping for improvement, but it did not happen. Throughout 2017, there were problems with the supply of the original Jintropin. We hoped for an improvement in 2018, but it got worse. I would like to warn you not to buy other online pharmacies, as the current situation concerns the entire market for legal Jintropin (Джинтропин) and if you are offered a lower price, they try to deceive you.

In case you do not want to get any further

If you have already ordered through PayPal and are unwilling to increase prices, we can offer you a payment in Bitcoins, which significantly reduces the final cost. Or there is a convenient and easy way to pay by credit card. You can tell us the details (USA and EU only).

Both options are just additional options and are mainly for regular customers. The main payment method is PayPal.

Price increase for Jintropin.