Current shipping information

A summary of delivery times so far:

Delivery to the US now takes about two weeks in most cases, the best result since the start of the pandemic. Shipping to Canada has also shown great results lately, but I'm afraid that by November the situation will worsen, as it happens every year.

Delivery to Europe is heterogeneous: the fastest delivery is to Switzerland, Austria, France, Eastern Europe and Turkey. Slightly worse is the situation with Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium

Delivery to the UK is still unchanged and is 3-4 weeks in most cases. Improvements in this direction are not expected yet.

Delivery to Sweden, Poland, Finland and Denmark is temporarily not available.

Delivery to Germany is currently not guaranteed due to the temporary suspension of our European warehouse.

Delivery to Asia is consistently fast: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, Sri Lanka - in most cases up to two weeks.

In connection with the restoration of air traffic, delivery has been restored to almost all countries of the Middle East. Postal exchange with Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico has also been restored.

Pre-holiday sales are approaching and everything can change dramatically starting from the first days of November. Please keep this in mind and make orders in advance to avoid delays.



Current shipping information