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Current shipping information

Current shipping information

A summary of delivery times so far:

Delivery to the US now takes about two weeks in most cases, the best result since the start of the pandemic. Shipping to Canada has also shown great results lately, but I'm afraid that by November the situation will worsen, as it happens every year.

Delivery to Europe is heterogeneous: the fastest delivery is to Switzerland, Austria, France, Eastern Europe and Turkey. Slightly worse is the situation with Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium

Delivery to the UK is still unchanged and is 3-4 weeks in most cases. Improvements in this direction are not expected yet.

Delivery to Sweden, Poland, Finland and Denmark is temporarily not available.

Delivery to Germany is currently not guaranteed due to the temporary suspension of our European warehouse.

Delivery to Asia is consistently fast: Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, Sri Lanka - in most cases up to two weeks.

In connection with the restoration of air traffic, delivery has been restored to almost all countries of the Middle East. Postal exchange with Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba and Mexico has also been restored.

Pre-holiday sales are approaching and everything can change dramatically starting from the first days of November. Please keep this in mind and make orders in advance to avoid delays.



Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Dear friends. I believe in the speedy resolution of the current conflict and sympathize with all those who are forced to participate in it against their will.

The working conditions of Russian Pharmacy have temporarily changed.

Delivery to the EU and UK will take longer, but will still work. Delivery to other countries remains unchanged for now. For up-to-date information, you can contact me directly.

Due to financial sanctions, existing payment methods are also subject to change. I will continue to strive to provide the highest level of convenience and security of transactions to the extent possible.



Increase in delivery time

Increase in delivery time

Holidays are ahead and autumn sales have already begun. The load on the airports is growing every day and delays are expected in all directions of delivery. When ordering now, be prepared that the parcel may be delayed for up to a month or even longer. The later the order is made, the longer it will take for delivery. First of all, delays will concern the USA, Canada, Australia, to a lesser extent it will affect Europe.

Judging from the experience of past years, delivery times should return to normal only closer to February, but the pandemic will dot the tide.

Delivery to Europe and VAT

Delivery to Europe and VAT

It has been three months since the new rules came into force, and we have collected some data. Almost all EU countries have technically switched to the implementation of the new rules and it is time for us to accept this reality.

Despite the fact that we declare a small value and indicate "Gift" on the parcels, in most cases the payment of customs duties cannot be avoided. And if in some countries you only need to pay the duty itself (which is 20% of the declared value and in most cases does not exceed a couple of euros), in other countries you also have to pay a service fee, which can be up to 15 euros per parcel.

Before making an order, you should look for up-to-date information online on the forums, as well as from official sources, and also contact us. But in any case, all orders are processed manually and we will definitely contact you if we have important information.

If you have any doubts about delivery from outside the EU or you do not want to pay VAT yourself, we can recommend our mail forwarding service. Your parcel will be sent to an intermediate country in Europe, after which it will continue on its way to you, already cleared by customs. The cost of such a service costs 26 euros for one parcel weighing up to 1 kg including packaging.



Dear friends! 

The holiday season has begun, so changes are coming in the operating hours of our pharmacy.

The processing time for orders will increase slightly, the parcels will not be sent every day as it is now. If time for your order is a key factor, please place your order in advance. The time for processing emails will also increase, I apologize in advance for that. In case of emergencies, you can still contact me via whatsapp or telegram, but please consider the difference in time zones.

This work schedule will last until the end of summer.

I wish you health and good rest. The past year has been difficult for everyone, but hopefully things will change for the better soon.

Yours faithfully,


New Shipping Method

New Shipping Method

We are currently testing a new shipping method. Regular delivery under global lockdown conditions often fails, delivery time is very unstable.

The new delivery is carried out by courier and is suitable for almost all countries (while we are testing delivery to the USA and European countries).

In the near future, we will be able to deliver small items (for example, Mircera or Norditropin injectors) 3-4 days from the time of dispatch to the arrival in the USA. Shipping within the United States will continue to be via USPS.

Parcels will be dispatched no more than once a week and will be matched to a specific flight.

This delivery method is suitable for shipment of thermolabile drugs and in cases where time is of the essence.